karry-on aero jet spinner abs luggage

Size: 20"
7.900 KD
7.900 KD
Subtotal: 7.900 KD


Water Resistant, Lightweight, 360 Degree Navigation, and w/ Expandable Zippers.

This luggage offers travelers various alternatives to suit the occasion, whether overnight, short stop over or longer vacation this quality range is unsurpassed.

We have perfected our hard case luggage collections, with ABS material molded body coveted for its lightweight build that will take the heavy lifting out of your trip and make traveling a breeze. this design not only adds minimal style but also strength reinforcement for high level durability.

1. You can choose your own Luggage

There are different sizes available.20/24/28/32" Inches small, medium, large and extra-large. Each size can accommodate your needs perfectly together or separately depending on the duration of your trip and how much you need to bring with you.

2. Expandable Zippers

Expandable luggage is a type of luggage that can be expanded to accommodate more items. This is a great feature for those who travel often and need to pack more items than they can fit in their regular luggage. Expandable luggage is also great for those who want to pack heavier items, such as clothes or books.

Expandable luggage is a type of luggage that can be expanded in size. This is usually done by unzipping a hidden panel of fabric, which will make the bag larger.

2. 360 Degree Spinner Wheels

Spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees, which makes it easy to roll your bag alongside you rather than dragging it behind you all the time. The downside is that spinners aren't as compact fixed wheels and the majority of spinner bags don't have a brake system, which may mean your suitcase rolls away on surfaces with an incline.

3. Combination lock +TSA customs lock, better protection of luggage security.

Whether you are on business or on vacation, personal privacy is very important to us. The shell of this suitcase is made of durable ABS plastic, which can withstand the severe test of modern transportation. The 3-digit code lock can ensure the safety of your valuables and facilitate passing the security check. (Initial password: 0 0 0)

    Check this video link on How to Set a TSA Combination Lock for your Luggage


    3 Steps on How to Set a TSA Combination Lock for your Luggage (Manually)

  1. Press the reset button which means you need to flick the locking mechanism or press the black reset button with a pen, and you hear a click.
  2. Enter the new combination that will be used to open the lock and note this down.
  3. Push the tab with an arrow on it or flip the locking mechanism back to confirm the new combination.


A.    Durability

Prepare to have your ABS suitcase with you for a long time. This material’s plastic blend makes it quite sturdy, and it’ll take a lot for it to break or crack.

However, if you asked me to compare it to, say, aluminum hard-shell luggage, I’d have to say ABS is less durable.

B. Lightweight

When picking a suitcase, its weight is a crucial factor for me. Because, for one thing, its weight is included in the flight’s baggage allowance, so every kilo counts.

As you may know, paying for overweight luggage can be pricey. Tell me in the comments about the most outrageous fee you’ve ever had to pay for extra weight!

C. Impact resistance

Unlike suitcases made of low-quality plastic, an ABS suitcase won’t look deformed on the baggage carousel. This thermoplastic has a high impact resistance, allowing it to withstand casual mishandling situations, particularly those that occur at airports.

D.    Affordability

ABS’s physical and mechanical properties enable it to be easily machined, which reduces manufacturing costs. Its components are also easily obtained, making ABS a widely accessible material.

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