safari pentagon hardside pp luggage

Color: Cyan
Size: Small
12.000 KD
20.000 KD
12.000 KD

Subtotal: 12.000 KD
Travel effortlessly and stylishly with the Safari Pentagon Hardside PP Luggage. Crafted from durable PP (Polypropylene), this luggage set is designed to provide robust protection for your belongings while maintaining a lightweight profile. Available in sizes 22", 26", and 30", this versatile luggage set meets all your travel needs, from short trips to extended vacations.
  • Brand: Safari
  • Model: Pentagon Hardside PP Luggage
  • Material: PP (Polypropylene)
  • Shape: Cylinder
  • Sizes:
    • 22" (55 cm): Ideal for carry-on and short trips
    • 26" (65 cm): Suitable for medium-length journeys
    • 30" (75 cm): Perfect for long vacations or family travel
  • Construction: Lightweight and durable shell
  • Lock: Fixed combination lock
  • Handle: Telescopic handle for easy maneuverability
  • Wheels: Four smooth-rolling wheels
  • Interior: Spacious with organizational pockets
  • Exterior: Scratch-resistant
  • Durable PP Construction: Made from high-quality PP (Polypropylene) material, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy shell that can withstand the rigors of travel.
  • Fixed Combination Lock: Provides secure storage for your belongings with a reliable fixed combination lock.
  • Telescopic Handle: Features an adjustable telescopic handle for easy maneuverability and comfortable handling.
  • Four Smooth-Rolling Wheels: Equipped with four wheels that offer smooth and effortless rolling, allowing you to navigate crowded airports and streets with ease.
  • Spacious and Organized Interior: Designed with a spacious interior that includes multiple organizational pockets, making it easy to pack and access your belongings.
  • Scratch-Resistant Exterior: The exterior is scratch-resistant, maintaining its sleek and stylish appearance even after frequent use.
  • Organized Interiors: Interior compartments and pockets are well-organized, providing efficient packing solutions and easy access to essentials.

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