u-shape travel fabric neck pillow

Color: Grey
2.500 KD
5.000 KD
2.500 KD
Subtotal: 2.500 KD
The U-Shape Travel Fabric Neck Pillow from Bag Souq Essentials is a travel essential designed for maximum comfort and support. Featuring a U-shaped design with memory foam, this pillow perfectly conforms to your head and neck, providing the optimal resting position while seated during travel in a car, train, or airplane. Lightweight and equipped with a built-in elastic strap, it conveniently attaches to carry-on luggage, backpacks, or travel bags, making it easily transportable. The soft velour cover not only adds a layer of softness but is also removable and machine washable, ensuring cleanliness and durability without flattening over time. Whether you're embarking on a long journey, going camping, or simply relaxing at home, this memory foam travel pillow is an affordable luxury that enhances comfort wherever you are.
  • Material: Memory foam for comfort and support.
  • Cover: Soft velour, removable for easy cleaning and machine washable.
  • Design: U-shaped to support head and neck alignment.
  • Features: Lightweight with a built-in elastic strap for easy attachment to luggage.
  • Comfortable Support: Memory foam construction provides a soft yet supportive cushion for your neck.
  • Easy to Clean: With a removable and washable velour cover, maintaining hygiene is simple and straightforward.
  • Convenient Travel Companion: The elastic strap and lightweight design make it an ideal accessory for on-the-go comfort.
  • Durable: Designed to retain shape and support even after prolonged use, offering long-term comfort.

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