Travelest Voya Thick Disposable Toilet Seat Protective Cover Set of 10
Product Details Disposable toilet protector (large, waterproof, covers whole toilet area, Has a strong adhesive which keeps the cover in place, Unflushable,1 bag contain 10 pieces) Old SKU: 202207000794
3.000 KD
Travelest Voya Mini 400ml Portable Bidet - Green
Product Details UPC: 7340446635750 Brand: VOYA
4.000 KD
Travelest Voya Foldable Silicone 600ml Portable Bidet - Blue
Product Details UPC: 7340446635767 Brand: VOYA
7.500 KD
Travelest Voya Silicone Anti-Leak 380ml Portable Bidet - WHITE
Product Details UPC: 7340446635774 Brand: VOYA Easy to carry Can hold Water Prevent Leakage High water pressure rinse clean Soft bottle body & easy to squeeze
6.000 KD
Travelest Hotel Slippers
Product Details UPC: 7340446635538
0.750 KD
Travelest Microfiber Cooling Towel - PINK
Product Details UPC: 7340446635521 Microfiber Cooling Towel - Turquoise Size: 80X30 CM
3.000 KD
Travelest Microfiber Fast Dry Towel - Large - NAVY
Product Details UPC: 7340446635835 Brand: Travelest Size: 140X70CM
5.500 KD
Travelest Foldable Travel Blanket with Pouch - GREY
Product Details UPC: 7340446635927 Brand: Travelest Size: 160X110CM
6.500 KD
Travelest 4 Pairs Foam Ear Plugs with Case
Product Details UPC: 7340446635446 4 Pairs Foam Ear Plugs with case from Travelest
1.000 KD
Travelest RFID Blocking Pop up Aluminum Card Holder with Money Holder - BLACK
Product Details UPC: 7340446635361 Brand: Travelest How it works: The wallet is made of aluminum and titanium alloy and is used for holding cards. All cards are immediately to hand your most important plastic cards are protected against any bending, distortion or...
7.000 KD
  • + 3
Travelest Passport Pouch - Black
Product Details UPC: 7340446635699 Brand: Travelest Product Description(RFID BLOCK)Multi-pocket bag, perfect for daily, business, travelCan hold tickets, multi cards, passport, bill, coil, pen, phone and other essentialAnti-electromagnetic RF scanning, anti-degaussingElectro-ion waterproof material, waterproof, anti-oilWith handle for easy carryingLight and fashionFeaturesSpecification:Material: waterproof PolyesterSize:...
7.000 KD
TRAVELEST Travel Pass Passport Pouch - Black
Product Details UPC: 7340446635682 Brand: Travelest TRAVELEST Travel Pass Passport Pouch RFID Waterproof Dual Compartment Size: 13X24X5cm Weight: 175g
7.500 KD
Travelest Multifunctional Water-Resistant Bag - Black
Product Details UPC: 7340446635675 Brand: Travelest
7.000 KD
Travelest Waterproof Personal Stuff Bag - Black
Product Details UPC: 7340446635668 Travelest Personal Stuff Bag - Black Waterproof Fabric Waterproof Zipper
7.000 KD
Travelest Toiletry Bag
Product Details UPC: 7340446635804 Brand: Travelest
4.000 KD
Travelest Foldable Travel Duffel Bag
Product Details UPC: 7340446635897 Brand: Travelest Holds up to 18 KG Capacity: 40L Size (UNFOLDED): 47X23X35 CM Size (FOLDED): 20X20 CM Material: 210D Waterproof Polyester Weight: 230g
4.500 KD
Travelest Extra Large Light Weight Foldable Duffel Bag 96L
Product Details UPC: 7340446635880 Brand: Travelest Capacity: 96L Size (UNFOLDED): 80X30X40 CM Size (FOLDED): 27X23 CM Material: 210D Waterproof Polyester
7.000 KD
Travelest UNIVERSAL Travel Adapter 2500W with 2 USB 2.4A
Product Details UPC: 7340446635712 Brand: Travelest The ultimate Travel Adaptor 4 connections in 1 UK / Europe / USA / Australia 2 USB Compatible in over 150 countries Free zipper pouch Each USB Output: 5V 2.4A (MAX) Single Plug Safety Feature Power...
8.500 KD
Travelest Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports & 1 USB-C port
UPC: 7340446635309 Brand: Travelest The ultimate Travel Adaptor 4 connections in 1 UK / Europe / USA / Australia 4 USB TYPE C 5.6A Compatible in over 150 countries Free zipper pouch Type C/USB output: 5V 5.6A (TOTAL) Type C output: 3A...
11.000 KD
MULTI-PURPOSE PREMIUM MAKE-UP BRUSHES CASE & COSMETIC TRAVEL BAG Product Details:  ❤Double Layer & Detachable Pouch: Travel makeup and jewelry organizer designed in double layers, you can store cosmetics and other items on one layer, there is special for store...
3.900 KD
  • + 2
اضف الى سلة التسوق
FASHIONABLE: Multi-color design luggage tags. BENDABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Made of quality Durable Silicone ability to bend without breaking, small size and light weight,convenient to carry. REASONABLE STRUCTURE: Each tag has blank fields for all your important information, like name, address and phone number. Simply...
2.000 KD
اضف الى سلة التسوق
Portable Travel Shoe Bag w/ Drawstring Zip View Waterproof Bag - WHITE
PACKAGE INCLUDED There are 2 pieces storage bags in our set. Ideal for traveling and business trip; or for keeping your shoes dust-free in the closet HIGH QUALITY Made of non-woven fabric with thick drawstring for convenient organization, lightweight and...
1.500 KD
11 PC SET COMPLETE TRAVEL PACKING ORGANIZERS W/ TOILETRY BAG PACKING CUBES MAKE TRAVEL EASIER-Luggage packing cubes not only create more space for you in your luggage — so you have room to pack everything you need — but they keep...
6.900 KD
  • + 4
3.900 KD
  • + 5
PREMIUM UPGRADED CATIONIC FABRIC is a kind of polyester fabric that is dyed with two different colors, one positive and one negative. This creates a fabric with a two-color or heathered effect. Cationic fabric can be used for various types of clothing, especially sportswear...
3.900 KD
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تبيع باغسوق إكسسوارات السفر لجميع احتياجاتك ، من الرحلات القصيرة إلى الإجازات الطويلة. استكشف مجموعتنا عبر الإنترنت من إكسسوارات السفر ، من بطاقات الأمتعة إلى الوسائد ، للحصول على تجربة سفر خالية من الإجهاد.


حقائب سفر

نحن نقدم حقائب سفر بأنماط وأحجام وألوان مختلفة ، بما في ذلك حقائب الظهر وحقائب القماش الخشن والحقائب المحمولة - حقائب متينة وعالية الجودة لأي مغامرة.



لدينا خيارات دائمة للأمتعة مثل الحقائب وحقائب اليد وحقائب الملابس للحفاظ على متعلقاتك آمنة أثناء السفر.


اكسسوارات السفر

تحتوي إكسسوارات السفر لدينا على كل ما تحتاجه لرحلة مريحة ، مثل الوسائد وأقنعة العين وسدادات الأذن وحاملي جوازات السفر وبطاقات الأمتعة.

باغسوق هو أفضل مكان لشراء إكسسوارات السفر عبر الإنترنت. يشمل موظفونا للسفر الحقائب والحقائب والأشياء لمساعدتك على السفر والإلكترونيات حتى تتمكن من الحصول على رحلة ودية ومريحة دون أي قلق. ابدأ التسوق الآن واستمتع في رحلتك القادمة!