head alpha monster combi 2022 padel bag

Color: BLACK
19.900 KD
35.000 KD
19.900 KD
Subtotal: 19.900 KD
Introducing the Head Alpha Monster Combi 2022 Padel Bag, priced at 19.900 KD. Designed for the ALPHA racquet series enthusiasts or anyone with a keen eye for style, this padel bag combines a contemporary, premium design with unparalleled functionality. Offering ample space for all your gear, it features CCT+ climate control technology to shield your racquets from extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal protection. Emphasizing sustainability, the hangtag is crafted from recycled paper and secured with hemp cord, highlighting HEAD's commitment to reducing plastic use. The bag's backpack carry system, combined with specific compartments for racquets, shoes, and accessories, ensures everything you need is organized and easily accessible, whether you're heading to a match or a training session.
  • Volume: 45 liters, providing generous storage capacity.
  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 29 cm x 41.5 cm, perfectly sized for padel equipment.
  • Material Composition: Exterior - 75% polyester, 25% PU for durability and style; Interior - 75% polyester, 25% TPE for protection and resilience.
  • Features: CCT+ climate control technology for racquet protection, backpack carry system for ease of transport, two racquet compartments, one CCT+ racquet compartment, a main compartment for gear, a shoe compartment, two external accessory zipper pockets, and one internal accessory pocket for organized storage.
  • Premium Design: A sleek, modern look that stands out for both style and functionality.
  • CCT+ Climate Control: Protects your equipment from temperature extremes, ensuring your racquets are always in prime condition.
  • Sustainable Elements: Incorporates eco-friendly materials like recycled paper and hemp cord, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Organized Storage: Thoughtfully designed compartments keep your gear, shoes, and accessories neatly arranged.
  • Comfortable Transport: The backpack carry system offers a comfortable, hands-free way to transport your padel essentials.

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