karry-on aviation tsa transparent pc hardshell luggage

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15.900 KD
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Product Details:

Material: Polycarbonate

Size: 20" Inches (Cabin Luggage)

Weight: 2.8Kg

  • ★[Very stylish] Keep your fashion style, need a clear suitcase, very stylish, this chic suitcase will bring you a lot of praise
  • ★ [Innovative wheel design, smooth motion] 4 double main rotating wheels ensure smooth rolling and 360° rolling in any direction. Lightweight lines provide heavyweight protection for easy 360-degree rotating wheels. Recommended suites with wheels.
  • ★ [Save time] Transparent PC material, you don't need to pile up until you find what you want. Easy to view and access all stored items will definitely save you time.
  • ★[Portable] 20 inch hard-edged rotating luggage
  • ★[very safe] weekend getaway or international carry-on
  • ★[Very safe] 360 degree rotating wheel to ensure smooth rolling in any direction, to ensure that the box will not fall.

1. Scratch Resistant & Lightweight

Polycarbonate luggage offers ample impact resistance, durability, scratch resistance and water resistance. Plus, it's lightweight. This makes poly a top option for both checked luggage and carry-on. Polycarbonite luggage travels well on roadtrips, too -- the suitcases are easy to get out of a car trunk. The polycarbonate luggage is also susceptible to scratching. Scratches will not usually affect the structural integrity of the luggage,

2. 360 Degree Navigation

Four Double Spinner Wheels ensure smooth-rolling mobility in any direction.

Suitcase with wheels can help save your strength and make your suitcase lighter. Luggage moves very silent and smoothly with 360° rotate double wheels, which better than other single wheeled luggage.

3. Combination lock +TSA customs lock, better protection of luggage security.

Whether you are on business or on vacation, personal privacy is very important to us. The shell of this suitcase is made of durable ABS plastic, which can withstand the severe test of modern transportation. The 3-digit code lock can ensure the safety of your valuables and facilitate passing the security check. (Initial password: 0 0 0)

    Check this video link on How to Set a TSA Combination Lock for your Luggage


    3 Steps on How to Set a TSA Combination Lock for your Luggage (Manually)

  1. Press the reset button which means you need to flick the locking mechanism or press the black reset button with a pen, and you hear a click.
  2. Enter the new combination that will be used to open the lock and note this down.
  3. Push the tab with an arrow on it or flip the locking mechanism back to confirm the new combination.

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