travel space saver vacuum storage bags reusable packing sacks (7 pack) with manual air pump

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3.900 KD
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Product Details

SIZES : 3PCS - Large

              3PCS - Medium 

                1PC - Pump 

  • Different Sizes: 7 Pack - Includes 6 space saver bags 3 large sizes and 3 medium sizes) for all you travel and storage needs. 
  • High Quality: Storage bags are made with isolated, waterproof plastic, which will keep your clothes safe from dust, odors, to prevent it from damages. We paid special care to manufacture the highest quality zipper (Double Zipper) to make sure our bags NEVER leak and ensure a secure seal for optimal compression every time.
  • Save 50% Space: Save 50% valuable storage space in your future travels for additional clothes, blankets, pillows & towels. Say goodbye to over sized bags - Easily pack all your wardrobe in your suitcase, briefcase, backpack or trolley.
  • Perfectly Organized Vacations & Home: You don't only save space, you can also isolate dirty clothes and bad smells when traveling as well as organize by outfit, activity or family member. At Home, use them as airtight long term sealed organizers to save space and protect from dust,and Wet. Excellent as packaging for comforters, blankets, suits, pillows, bedding, sleeping sacks, and any other fabric accessories you can think of

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