luxury watch roll (3 watches) premium faux leather travel watch case - anti-scratch protection - exquisite storage - modern design

Color: BLACK
7.900 KD
7.900 KD
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High-End Faux Protein Leather
STURDY, DURABLE, AND ANTI-SCRATCH PROTECTION: Our PROFESSIONAL & RELIABLE travel watch roll is meticulously crafted to safeguard your valuable wristwatches from drops, scratches, and dust, ensuring that your cherished collection remains in impeccable condition. With a sturdy construction and unwavering durability, our watch roll offers long-lasting peace of mind and unparalleled protection for your timepieces.
STORAGE FOR UP TO 3 WATCHES: Watch case is thoughtfully designed with a sliding pathway, featuring 3 individual sets of soft and plush rolls with luxurious velvet cushion. It provides a secure and protective space for watches with a diameter of up to 55mm. Compact and travel-friendly, measuring 9.6 inches in length, 4.1 inches in width, and 2.8 inches in height, it effortlessly fits into your travel hand luggage, ensuring peace of mind wherever your adventures take you.
TOP-LEVEL MATERIALS + CRAFTSMANSHIP: Applied premium comfort flocking cloth to create a protective nest for your watches, while our superb protein leather provides a luxurious texture and a pleasant touch. The durable snap button ensures secure closure, and our meticulous hand-made craftsmanship, with over 30 procedures including every stitch, reflects our commitment to detail improvement.
LUXURY AND MODERN DESIGN: Our travel watch case showcases a luxurious and modern design. Crafted by our Italian designer, it combines the shine of finest protein leather with the elegance of premium soft velvet. The color palette is carefully selected to complement the noble and modest character of watch lovers, resulting in the exquisite 2nd generation of travel watch case.
PERFECT FOR WATCH ENTHUSIASTS: Watches are more than just timepieces; they represent the highest workmanship, act as cherished companions throughout time, and reflect one's character and attitude towards the world. Our travel watch case is designed to keep your watches safe and protected. We understand the passion of watch enthusiasts, and our creation aims to assist and enhance their watch-wearing experience.

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