portable travel bidet, handheld sprayer

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2.900 KD
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450ml Capacity Portable Bidet for Convenient Hygiene_
Experience hassle-free cleaning with the 450ml large capacity travel bidet bottle. Its generous size allows for a thorough cleaning without the need for constant water refills. For added convenience, the bidet comes with storage bags, making it easy to carry wherever you go. This versatile tool is ideal for a range of applications, including maintaining personal hygiene during pregnancy, washing children's bottoms, caring for bedridden patients, and ensuring daily cleanliness.

_Extended 12cm Spray Pipe for Easy Reach_
Featuring a 12cm extended flushing pipe, this bidet enhances accessibility to intimate areas, minimizing the need to bend over uncomfortably. This feature is particularly beneficial for pregnant women during both their physical inconveniences and the delicate confinement period. The extended pipe empowers pregnant women to independently maintain their personal hygiene with ease, eliminating potential moments of embarrassment.

_Efficient Multi-hole Water Output for Thorough Cleansing_
Equipped with both 7-hole and 24-hole nozzles, the perineal spray bottle delivers a generous water output, simulating the effect of a gentle shower spray. This comprehensive cleaning approach ensures thorough and immaculate cleansing. The bidet's controlled water pressure offers a gentle and effective cleanse, avoiding any discomfort or potential gynecological issues.

_Dual Nozzle Options for Various Users_
Every travel bidet includes two distinct nozzles to cater to diverse needs. The elongated nozzle is ideal for pregnant women, adults, and patients, enabling them to maintain personal cleanliness autonomously. The shorter nozzle, on the other hand, is designed for cleaning children's bottoms. With a simple water fill and cap tightening, the bidet is effortlessly operated by squeezing for effective cleansing.

_Ergonomic Design for Optimal Comfort_
Crafted with a scientific approach, the bidet features a 60¼ ergonomic angle design that enhances grip comfort and ensures precise positioning during use. This thoughtful design benefits both adults and children, tailoring the bidet's usability to different user groups. Experience a new level of hygienic well-being with this portable bidet, promoting a refreshed and healthy lifestyle.

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